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Aspirations Of A King

by IamHandsomeRob

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shawt-stakk The records are different. It has a down south vibe to it. Not your everyday artist and/or songs. This is that ride around with the top down kind music to vibe out to.
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Intro (free) 00:42
You should know We are, we are Royalty So you ask what's next I'm tryna cop me a jet Cops want me on Ryker's Island Rather cop me an island I'm tryna live as a King Introduce my woman to royalty Treat her just as a Queen It's embedded in my DNA Treat my woman just as a Queen It's embedded in my DNA Gotta live as a King Introduce my woman to royalty
Red Cup (free) 04:11
[Chorus] With this red cup, I'm poed up I'm solo With this red cup, speak sober thoughts I'm solo And you fugazin Man, I can't trust you haters With this red cup I'm solo My drunken mind speaks sober thoughts I'm solo I'm standing here in solitude I'm solo And you fugazin Man, I can't trust you haters With this red cup I'm solo [Verse 1] {IamHandsomeRob} It's LOD And we King amongst Kings We don't stand for weakness Man, that shyt is obscene No BDRs on this Ghetto D This Master P is potent My numbers on speed dial I'm Clarence Carter I'm strokin J-Rock, I'm the Top Dawg She stay on my YKK Cause I got good genes And I'm gone game, I'm EA Nothing new on this earth This hatred is biblical Went through her phone and found dick pics Man, he stay on umbilical No, he ain't no G All his shots is subliminal When I come through Keep that talk at a minimum Ghost, I got Truth, I got Power I'm 50 Ciroc in my red cup Diddy of my city Although Handsome Rob write rhymes I cash big checks Southside, I've been down When I'm in town, I get respect She hit me up with that late night pipe I'm gung ho, I'm gone heaux Red cup is my only friend I'm ridin down and I'm solo [Verse 2] {Draper} Heaux so hustle, I'm meeting the referee Remy and good pussy gone be the death of me Look, I see inflated tuss in this recipe Draped up and dripped out, what you expect of me Draper be killin em, reading your eulogy Bishes with big booties constantly abusing me Never refusin me, my right hand usually Solo cup full of some shyt from the duty free Crusin like Tom I kill impossible missions Every move I make, they replay at an instant Adrien Peterson, the way that I whip it Adrien Peterson, the way that I'm whippin These bad heaux on my hit list They keep me on their wish list Bending down them avenues I let them work on that stick shift Solo Unless LOD make moves Keep it cool, fly shyt, too smooth Badabing Badaboom
Semmi (free) 02:21
[Intro] Alright, get in there What's up young blood, (What's up) Swine, my brother? (Naw, no thanks) Now, let me tell you something If you hit a man, in time, his wounds will heal And if you steal from a man You can replace what you steal And always cross in the green, never in between Honorable Elijah Muhammad Ali Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee [Verse] My only addiction is me having a mistress Fvck getting these riches if I'm living chickless Here we go again, all up in some mischief My d*ck skin got friction with your chick lips All up on my genitals Details that's minuscule Fvck a habitat that livable If the shyt I want is minimal Like a few sports cars that get furnished by sports bars I'm puffin on this cigar between the bites of caviar We working hard Champagne, we party hard A few corporate all stars is balling like some Monstars Pleasure Magianos, St. Michele, bottled up My chick figure manikin SMA, she modeled up High class, clicks from our wine glass Tap on the gas, make the traffic times pass fast Future life Future Forbes List recipient Poor kid, rich friends I'm just tryna get my Semmi in [Outro] Behold Semmi Life, real life That thing we have been denied for far too long Good morning my neighbors (Hey, fvck you) Yes, yes, Fvck you too
Hustlin (free) 03:31
[Chorus] I'm hustlin, yeah, yeah, I'm hustlin That's how I be ballin baby, I put that muscle in, I'm hustlin, yeah, yeah, I'm hustlin That's how I be ballin baby, I put that muscle in, I'm hustlin, yeah, yeah, I'm hustlin I put that muscle in, yeah, I put that muscle in, (It's Delladova on the court, I be grinding, hustlin) I'm hustlin, yeah, yeah, I'm hustlin I put that muscle in, yeah, I put that muscle in, (It's Delladova on the court, I be grinding, hustlin) [Verse 1] Riding through the city in my white on white, 24s Plus for you cotton soft ninjas, I keep the g*n exposed Comma after comma, I got the Os Heat to the yeast, that's how I rise the dough Alphabetically after a G I got em though Continuity to ground, ten toes King above all Kings Mountain Lion Mansa Musa Come through I ain't stingy Bless the city Hallelujah I'm the prince of my domain, I be livin So insane that you livid Paint a picture so vivid You would swear that you live it Hand stitched, leather custom interior Wheel sittin high and I bet you feel inferior Leather butter soft And I her butt is soft How you just clockin out when she just getting off I got some things to address I don't hit her with the press Give her no conversation In my presence, she undress [Bridge] And we livin, yeah, yeah, we livin Paint a picture so vivid that you would swear that you lived it Got my Coheba chillin in the humidor Got your chick tippy toein through my corridor And we livin, yeah, yeah, we livin Paint a picture so vivid that you would swear that you in it Got your chick tippy toein through the corridor She just made to my room on the marble floors [Verse 2] I feel the comfort in my city like a King up in his quarters I'm hustlin, but I'm not Richard Porter I'm Malcolm X Martin Luther I'm on demand I'm on demand I'm Jidenna I'm the klassic man I'm Cornel West I don't think you understand A visionary pass the cemetery Tupac My vision still livin when I'm dead and buried Rest In Peace Pop
Mr. Fix It (free) 02:05
[Intro] Mr. Fix It [Verse] Fvck a cataract My Negus I stay focused Your chick in her emotions Probably cause she got motives Doped her up on this dopeness Called dope d*ck She call me Clarence Carter Baby, cause I'm strokin It's hopeless She getting mad addictive Whenever Hen's in town She getting mad dismissive I can sense the tension Can't you see she's attentive Getting giddy whenever Pimp is mentioned I'm handsome, that is the coefficient Your girl split decision causing us some friction You need to snap up out them feelings, you feel him When them dreads get to lickin She calling up Mr. Seal Quick I'm cocky All pun intended She miss your pillow talk My dude, she miss your friendship She miss the distance Flying to Mr. Fix It And I killed the cat No need to call forensics [Outro] Oh oh, say lady, I'm bad Oh so good oh so bad, baby (Oh I'm Mr. Fix It, I can help you baby) Stop your cryin, stop your cryin (Oh I'm Mr. Fix It, I can help you out) Awww lovely lady I wanna know what can the matter be You say he never left you all alone And now your heart's in misery Well, baby cheer up cause you're in luck I'm the man that can get it together See, I graduated from the school of love And I know how to make you feel better They call me Mr. Fix It That's my name, sugar Mending broken hearts that are apart Is my game Oh baby I couldn't pass you by for the tears in your eyes
Rocket Love (free) 02:47
[Intro] She was this She was this bronze skin beautiful Flawless to the Flawless to the cuticles Curves that was Curves that was memorable Smile that was Quick to influence you [Verse 1] I swore I froze in her presence Where my handsomeness a blessing She bumped her eyes when she seen me I think she got the same impression Gifted with her presence Her very presence is a present Her father sown a good seed That blossomed to a blessing I knew it was evident That a reveled in her relevance The awkward pause in our convo Was taken by her elegance Her eyes shaped like almonds Calmin, got me all in Her smile is alarmin Charmin, got me fallin Face that was scenic A Goddess I'm just being honest Beauty She's beyond it This honest I'm just being modest Lips filled with passion, aggresion I ain't passive And she clings to this hawk I trust that I'm mashin [Chorus] When them eyes get to battin Shyt, she bad as Mrs. Jackson I'm wondering what happened When them eyes get to battin Yeah, she bad as Paula Patton It's like I'm losing traction [Verse 2] Midwest charm Chivalry when I open doors Pull out chairs Long stares while we arm in arm I'm in rare form I can sense the satisfaction Skin like silk, lips feel like satin Face of a Goddess But that body looking monstrous Was primed as a primate In other words, I'm dominant To think that I'm less than a gentleman That's preposterous When I fell, you fell Love can be domino When you push, I push We both yell Geronimo Ride to credential She sees my potential Way before the skyline suites was presidential I swear we got chemistry She balances me chemically A real man known for success You need stability My ride or die against all odds Being Clyde ain't beneficial unless Bonnie on your side [Outro] On your side Look at that bad girl Yeah she's bad Oooh she's so bad Just look at her she's so bad Handsome Rob Who in the hell told that n*gga that he was handsome Aint nobody got time for that That n*gga aint handsome with his funny looking self Yeah, Handsome Rob Yeah right
Relax (free) 02:05
Relax Jimmy Choos off of her feet Knees touching her shoulders Thighs touching her breasts Feet over her head I just wanna give her good head Did she peak to her climax Knees squeezing her rack Relax
Goodbye Rabbit (free) 01:30
Thankful, Thankful GOD, I'm so grateful Bowed my knees to pray And he sent me two angels Blessing in disguise Thought I met my demise It said it was the start of an enterprise Zola, life purpose Destiny, the recipe Pop, I hustle hard I'm a ball, where's my ESPY Work smarter, not harder If I do, it's in intervals Diff EQ my future I'm a cheat I took the integral My mustard seeds are bound to sprout My dreams no longer unannounced Never doubted myself big picture Paramount My life is unscripted Women cling to my genitals This is truly non-fictional At minimal, it's typical No exaggeration Hard work, meet dedication Success in common hours I grind, determination Genesis, the beginning I'm 9-5 live I'm a first string baller I am going to the pine Your girl wished upon a genie She calling me McDreamy It's finna get hot and steamy Cause after iPhone I'm roaming through Grey's Anatomy She just happy to end relations With the Energizer battery Goodbye Rabbit
Champagne Wishes (free) 03:56
[Intro] Life I wonder Will it take me under I don't know These just my Champagne Wishes [Pre-Chorus] And she said you're so fvcking handsome Got me at a tangent You taking my thoughts for ransom [Chorus] My champagne got champagne Accompanied by more champagne So life, I'm a live it As long as I'm existing This is a celebration bishes That you are here to eye witness Can't you sense my ambition This is my Champagne Wishes [Verse 1] Commando, I balls out Caesar Palace, buy mall out Steven Spielberg know to bring them Jaws out Wrecking ball, tear them walls out Handsome Rob in the club You witness a photo op With a chick ass so fat, it looks like it's Photoshopped I ain't never pushed a gram But last year, I made a hundred grand Pics of your chick up in my phone Man, fvck an Instagram I'm going no days off in this bish No Ferris Bueller Go through all the fly positions with your chick The Kamasutra She say she wet as the Atlantic Wanna sink the Titanic So I threw her on granite Naw, I don't take her for granted Tunnel vision, ain't no competition Premium sheet counts I beat it to submission [Verse 2] It's Handsome Rob Also known as Rob Hen Corner bends the Benz I don't binge with the Benjamins I don't tend to spend all my ends tryna impress your women friends They heard I'm flying in They heard I'm getting dividends Long hair, plus the dreads They think I'm splitting ends But I'm here to shed some light The ghetto's Edison Oh, you futuristic Let's be realistic I am curling with your chick Look at the traces of her lipstick It's LOD Your woman's Achilles heel No handouts, but your woman gone foot the bill We in Caesars Palace Making racks Try on Y3s, I bet she sponsor that I'm fly as fvck, I defy gravity Sweet d*ck Hen All my chicks got cavities
Captivate (free) 02:38
[Verse] I gotta thank GOD for my devotion It's known to offspring hope to the hopeless Fvck a cataract, I'm never losing focus For my people, I got ulterior motives Malcolm X in his prime, the planets have aligned I just wanna get my people on the right side of wave signs To peak the positive in the wave signs, amplitude Until I reach the highest altitude I admit, we gotta calibrate our attitudes For us to truly care what matters too I'm gradually defying gravity Fvck Newton's analogy To soar to higher heights, I've got a strategy Crabs in a bucket, fvck it Won't malfunction my function You in the path to my goal You playing Tim Duncan Tryna plague on my downplay You Ronald Reagan Praying that I never reach my destination Til I'm detonating That's why I'm glad this is Obama nation That's why I'm glad this is Obama nation You are listening to a prominent Pry me, I'm an optimist Living life at it's optimal Can't you sense what I'm against Can't you sense what I'm against Insert change, I am Dhalsim levitating I'm just trying to change the state of the world while I am meditating While I am meditating [Outro] Church All I need Mustard seed of faith That's all I need Captain of my soul
***Fresh*** [Verse1] {JoshEverett} Your boy stay fresher that Sean Nelson Tell em I'm the one to chill with Sorta like ice cubes in a trill mix Innovator with bars I'm talking rap shyt Naw Hen, straight on ice I'm talking that shyt Fresh game, two piece Too cold, she me, n*gga Suit game way above average You see I'm mean n*gga Legion of Dopeness You see we the ones you should roll with My Maserati got kamikazes Don't even close it Pure imagination I'm Wilder than Gene I'm living life like I'm sleeping the wildest of dreams We posted on the yacht chillin' Flirting with divas Listening to us succeed While smoking Cohibas Pulitzer Prize winners Grammy Nominated We gonna get there despite the many types of hatred After the studio session, we getting out tonight You already know our slogan Yeah, we loving life [Chorus] {Erick Richardson} When we get dressed Ladies get in line to get picked next Single file, we don't need no tempest Be a Princess If we didn't kiss, we would be remiss We lust for nothing less than best Everybody else can have the rest See, everyday's a show So you know, this is where you wanna be Just call me e And LOD so Fresh [Verse 2] {IamHandsomeRob} Goodales connected to the Y3s The finer things, we trying to build a dynasty Timeshare just to enjoy the time we share New York Donna Kar Gucci, just to show some la flare Moët label match with the Dolce Instagram our pics just to watch what they gone say Supplement, but on my arms, a compliment First class, my chick celebrating accomplishments My ride or die, you know who my accomplice is We killing ish and that's just on some modest ish *Honest shyt acknowledgement* Spend a fortune on your fortress girl we so fortunate When comes to business, my girl is a tycoon Hope the planets align, so we can spend some time soon Diamonds are your best friend It's only right you Phi Nu When I take off them clothes, it's feeling like a Monsoon [Outro] {Erick Richardson} Baby, we do it just to impress you Maybe undress you I can't take my eyes off you Maybe you can take my clothes off too Cause you're so fresh Can I be your next lover ***Passport Friend*** [Intro] They heard I be flying in, getting dividends I told her, baby, I don't binge with the Benjamins Next weekend, bring a friend And we can gets it in And fly over Atlantic Lady, come be my Passport Friend [Verse] Concords, naw we don't rock that shyt Fly over Pacific just to cop some specific Land in Japan, my plan to cop Yamamotos I'm a shoot a chuck person I ball out, I'm Desperado She part Haitian, I met her while on vacation Somewhere over in Beijing or Italy wine tasting Girl on girl action after wine transaction I get her back to iPad iMac, then I craaaaaash My girlfriend got a girlfriend Accompanied by more girlfriends The playa life she submerged in She flash a smile, they in a whirlwind First, we land in Hawaii Catch us a yaht to Maui Now, we beach front brunching Munching grilled mahi mahi That second hand, it don't stop I guess I got me a timepiece She stuck to me like Siamees I blew her spot I got that bomb D
Armor (free) 05:05
[Intro] You know what It's actually something that happened very naturally I always say that This thing came to me I believe it It's like someone who brings you a gift And he gives you some tools There are certain signs You just have to know how to read them And then everything else just happened [Verse 1] {IAmHandsomeRob} Not a day goes by that I don't thank GOD I gotta thank Miss Ellis for buying the N.I. I got some demons in my past That are coming for me eventually So I pray and read the bible for my spiritual stability They say the armor of GOD will stand the testament of time And so I'm reading Proverbs as I march up to that front line Praying that I don't flat line at a timely demise I got some big shoes to fill with only an interval of time I'm a sequel to a legacy Heir to a throne But I'm a King in my own The seeds have been sown The path of my future Equivalent to such a footprint I pray with a mustard seed of faith And watch the dreams unveil the blueprint So I'm focused on them uprights Sometimes it makes me uptight Praying for my hunger Sometimes it keeps my up at night They say that life is crapshoot But I'm a man of all faith This is a stand up guy amongst a pile of snakes [Chorus] And this is The keys to the throne Them haters hate my nature But the seeds have been sown The scriptures that protect when the righteous throwing stone This is the armor I put on when I'm standing all alone [Verse 2] {Vandalyzm} Gotta keep it pushing Word to the Most High Blessed with all these chances, so I can't let them float by Plans keep him multi Man, watch me go fly So high My vision HD, while yall's lo-fi Better get that Lasik Get a grip and face it Cause I den seen it all And dawg, I wasn't supposed to make it Your boy been resilient While others couldn't take it And I could've been them I mean, so close to us, just blatant I got tired of complaining I got tired of playing I got tired of waiting So I got heavier praying And now I know my way in I been training for years for this bout So my peers could see me ready at the weigh-in While you looking lethargic and all heavy when you weigh in You need to get them weights in Too busy lifting satan Too busy being save when you in Vegas I'm just saying With risk comes the reward What you think we got this Armor for [Bridge] I'm thanking GOD against all odds You see success in my failure But it's a mirage I'm thanking GOD against all odds You see success in my failure But it's alright [Verse 3] {IAmHandsomeRob} I treat my time as an investment Life is as blessing I don't waste my time being a passive pessimist Failure, I can not digest Progress is a process My mindset, I'm a conquer this conquest The freedom to believe in the visions I conceive Is the prophecy in dreams in the things I can achieve I'm trying to build a monopoly out of my own anomaly Fell asleep, I guess I'm tired of monotony No pawns on my board That's my only desire Iron sharpens iron, so it's Kings in my empire And I inspire to build a dynasty Cocky Corporate Kings of the economy Failure is the Breeding grounds of a Champion They feeling just like this can't be life, it can't be him They dug my grave, I cut the grass on you jake the snakes Success is in my DNA Sucka punches from featherweights Won't ever derail the dreams of a King And me going tit for tat denies my Faith in the higher being Ain't nothing impossible It's only the improbable One prayer to GOD And I'm unstoppable Success in its essence with GOD in my presence It's a Blessing You can never stop for me what is destined
Didn't I (free) 04:56
[Chorus] Didn't I give you everything, didn't I Didn't I do the best I could, didn't I Tried my best just to be a man, didn't I Didn't I do the best I could, didn't I [Verse 1] My mama raised me properly I'm coppin properties Bet my papa'd be proud of me Elude the system Escape prison convictions I'm passenger side I'm getting driven by my ambition HD, Versace frames High Definition I got focus, 50/70 Canon haters want me to abandon the game No Ed O'Bannon But never that, I damaged the game It needs a bandage This pigmentation got me at a disadvantage I skyded my way through college And black gave me advantage And just imagine Mama, us living lavish Eating tapas at Mosaic, but we don't take it for granted Marched our way through the madness Prepped food on top of granite Now I'm living fantastic I'm a hustle fanatic And naw, it aint a word But women impressed with the modestness But days in the crib Handsome Rob on some ballin shyt [Verse 2] And in the midst of my accomplishments I shattered all dreams, un hunh, abolished it It's astonishing Just when you think you're my competitor That's when GOD will play editor Jealously, green with envy Don't shoot the messenger I ball, it's illustrated in my retina Mad cause my path mapped me to where that map be I crashed into success, no need for McAfee I'm thanking GOD against all odds Something they go within they range But it's a mirage I practiced the seven P's, that's prime preparation Greatness my next destination, I am detonating I'm motivated by my determination Shortened my path to success, abbreviated Billionaires tryna mapquest where that math at Accountant on my line telling me about my assets [Outro] Didn't I do it baby, didn't I


released December 16, 2016


all rights reserved



IamHandsomeRob St. Louis, Missouri

King amongst all Kings.

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